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I have used Linux in my personal life since 1998. At home I run two rack mount servers running 14 virtual machines and as many as 60 virtual machines during experiments. I love computers; to me they're more than just a paycheck.

I have professionally worked in I.T. with a primary focus on Linux systems since 2004. I advanced from being a simple help-desk technician into systems administration, where for four years, I deployed and maintained over 800 physical servers located all over the world. After my experiences with systems administration, I moved into a split instructor/consultant role, which I have been acting in for the last seven years.

As a consultant, I've gained great real-world hands-on experience deploying new environments and supporting existing infrastructure. I've completed successful consultant work for Moody's, DICK'S Sporting Goods, Capital One, H-E-B, and many others.

As an instructor, I teach classes of students how to use Linux and Linux-related technologies, including Red Hat® Enterprise Linux, Hadoop, High-Availability Clustering, Docker, Chef, Puppet, and many, many other technologies which are listed below.

A notable consulting experience
As a consultant, I did work with a large specialty grocery store. I was brought out to help the company upgrade a large existing Red Hat Satellite 5 server to Red Hat Satellite 6. This is no small task. Over a period of two weeks, I deployed two Satellite 6 servers, multiple capsules and set it all up in a high-availability active-passive setup. I worked with the employees to plan data migration from the existing Satellite 5 servers, and eventually moved all data, licenses, and registered client machines.

Further, I developed several Puppet modules which were used to ensure a consistent deployment across the company's nearly 15,000 servers. These modules were responsible for ensuring ssh keys were deployed, enabling registrations to the Red Hat iDM, synchronizing sudo rules, and configuring remote logging.

Technical Overview

Over the years, I've had the opportunity to work with many different technologies, and I have a proven track record of being able to adopt new and upcoming technologies.


I have written several documents and guides related to Linux:


I was required to obtain these certifications as part of a consulting job. I am confident I could achieve any certification required:

Employment Experience

2014 — PresentRed Hat Consulting ServicesGlobal


2010 — PresentGuru LabsCenterville, Utah

Linux Systems Instructor

2007 — 2010ListMarketerMurray, Utah

Senior Systems Administrator

Provisioning Manager


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